Lessons from recording 8 coding sessions

Building Status

We are still building an #eLearning app (it’s been 3 weeks since we started). More to the status later

I decided to make my own course, as the first one to be published on the platform.

One topic I know really well: @rails

Lessons from recording 8 sessions on the weekend


Time Optimization

Most importantly: I’m already busy - so I need to optimize my time here.

Idea: how to make an app from start to finish.

Goal: a todo list app, just to stay simple here: “daycheckin”

And I use the newest packages: @Rails 7, #Hotwire, #Propshaft, #Tailwind, #DaisyUI


While I’m coding: I have no idea what people want to know. A lot of things are intuitive for me.

How to solve that?

  1. Code for 1h, record it
  2. Give it to a beginner dev
  3. He asks me questions
  4. I answer the questions and edit them


The trick here: in between the questions I speed up the recording.

An hour coding gets condensed down, and it’s still fun to watch.

I use @soundraw_io for the music.


  • 1h coding time
  • plus: 1h editing time
  • Resulting video: ~15 minutes

Bonus: this is becoming a game against myself to finish the todo app. I planned 10 sessions, likely need 14 or 18.

Watch it here: Session 01: Building a Rails App in 10h. Rails + Tailwind setup.

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