Alternatives to User stories

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1/ Situation: You hired a UX designer, and they asked for specs.

Now what?

Are user stories the best way to communicate with them?

Possibly. What about some alternatives?

Let's quickly recap the user story.

Everyone knows it - but let’s define it again.

> As a [stakeholder], I want to [action] so that [desired outcome].

h/t to @hygger_app

User Journeys

Write a user journey: focuses a user persona and how the use the product.

You then describe where the user touches the product. And what they user feels along the way.

@didgeoridoo has a good resource on it (screenshot attached) over att the @Appcues blog

Job Stories

"When _____ , I want to _____ , so I can _____ ."

...interesting approach. Can you tell my why this is better than a user story?

Problem Stories #agile

Feature-Driven Development features

This is an interesting approach, but the website was not updated for 14 years. Looks like waterfall to me: featuredrivendevelopment .com #featuredriven

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