Using Mturk to vet a product name

E-Learning App Names

We finally came up with a couple of names of our #eLearning app.

Now: we are all biased.

Who can we know for sure if a name works?

Let’s make a google form and the @amazonmturk 👇

What the form needs

A YouTube video for each name where you say it

  • Question “write down the website you just heard”
  • Question: “what do you associate with it?”
  • In the end you can add a question “what names do you remember?”

The form needs a unique ID.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Then visit into Amazon Mechanical Turk, create an account (via AWS, which sets up your billing).

Limit submissions to 20, pay 1 USD per submission.

I also selected “took part of the presidential election” to make sure to get Americans.

This is the final bill.

Submit it and wait an hour, or up to a day to get it done. This depends on your time zone and when people are awake.

Getting Submissions

Once you get the submissions, go through them and mark them as okay or “joke”

I got a couple of ones where people just put in random words.

Technically you can get your dollar on those back, if you mark them as not correct in mturk.

The Results

I’ll send out the results soon. Please subscribe to my emails to learn more about our journey here.

Hint: we got interesting answers, and ruled out 3 of 4 names 🙂

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