How to post a job on UpWork: UX edition

Our UX designer just quit without even starting

My mistake 🤦🏻. I relied on one person, who I haven’t worked with prev

I didn’t follow my principles:

  • 1️⃣ hire multiple people
  • 2️⃣ choose the best.

Let’s fix this and go on @Upwork.

I’ll show you how to write a good JD. This post is based on a Tweet by @till_carlos


Step 1: a good headline.

My choice: "[web3] UX for elearning portal (full specs) [newcomers welcome]"

Following the AIDA framework:

  • Attention: web3. Something new
  • Interest: full specs (= easy job)
  • Desire: Even a newbie can do it
  • Action: click on it

Step 2: adding skills. We keep this simple

Figma: because that’s what we use here (and how I make these images)

User Flow: can be helpful

Mockup: This is the end result we’ll need

Wireframing: an alias for mockups

Correct me if I’m wrong on these. I’m using my intuition

Step 3: scope. Our choice:

Small job: I think this can be done in a weekend

Less than 1 month: because it needs to get done ideally until next Monday 🤞🏻

Intermediate level: I could try entry, but I fear we\'ll get too many newbies.

no budget for now.

Next: writing the JD

Here you see the #jobdescription.

We write it in a conversational and friendly tone. Then we add the test task.

The test task helps week out spammers who apply without reading.

Another option would be to ask for a video where they show their experience. Next time.

ok. submit

Okay, we are online. Final step: invite freelancers.

Controversial step: invite people who are newcomers. I am inviting a few who could give me a good bang for the buck.

And then I\'ll invite 8 who are higher-priced and more experienced.

Let\'s wait now. I keep you posted ❤️‍🔥


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