What specification to send to a UX designer

What do you do if you have software developers who want to learn something new?

You invent something simple, and include the newest tech. #web3

We are making an e-learning platform with web3 aspects. More soon.

For now: let me show you what specs we gave to the #uxdesign Image

First we started with the mission.

I framed it in a way like @simonsinek did in his evergreen TED talk: How leaders inspire action.

  • Why: code a useful project with web3 aspects
  • How: Code it simple, show progress
  • What: Gamified LMS with web3

That's what I sent to the #uxdesign freelancer.

It's really bare bones. Basically I just used @figma like this:

  • take a browser shape (screenshot safari)
  • buttons? use rectangles
  • hyperlinks: use underlines
  • comments? Just use odd shades and put text on it


Database model

Our PM then added a simple model.

Good that our PM knows a bit or Rails coding.

What's your experience? Are PMs better who can code?

Lesson design

We also added some ideas how the lesson flow should be.

General idea: you advance the lesson by solving a quiz.

We try to reuse modules. Want to make a course about something, why not reuse some other modules that are made public.

Everybody benefits.

Login via web3 wallets

We could enable email login, but we'll try to go only with wallet login for now.

What about the people who don't have a @MetaMask or anything yet?

They can learn the first lesson for free. And then get nudged into joining the #cryptospace

How will it look?

We only have 3 weeks for this, and we want to release something much earlier.

--> We don't have time for a fancy #Frontend .

But it should look good. What to do?

@_rareblocks to the rescue. They have everything we need. No designer needed, just copy what works already.

Idea: NFT Minting

Another idea we'll explore: Can the students mint their own #NFT after completing a course?

What do you think? What problems might we run into? This could be a great add-on as well to keep people engaged.


As our lessons require quizzes to be solved, this could be a good approach to push people to continue to the next lesson and keep learning about crypto.

That's it for today. I'll send these out via email once in a while. Follow us for updates.

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